Friday, April 17, 2009

Clowning with Cake

Clowning with Cake

No techniques needed

Pan : 8 X 3 inch round
Tips : 16, 21,
Colours : yellow, green,orange and purple for rainbow
Others : 1 clown head

Ingredients List

Cake : Prepared cake to at least 3 inches high.
Icing recipe : Buttercream - 1 recipe

Cream cake with buttercream in thin consistency. Put cake into the fridge for about half an hour before you start your decoration for easy piping.

Use tip 16 to pipe the rainbow.

Use tip 21 to pipe the clown's body in upright position of 90 degrees until you get the body shape, then pipe hands and legs and lastly pipe the shoes in ball shape. Lastly, top up with the clown's head and wah.... lah.. you get the most beautiful clown cake.

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